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Jim Alfredson owns a great bookplate collection and he recognising the limitations of a checklist, especially in the case of magicians who had more than one Ex Libris, and hence the desirability of a brief description of each plate to aid identification. Thus he embarked upon the task of producing such a list which he published in an edition of 110 numbered copies in 1991 as Magical Ex Libris: A Checklist.

James B. Alfredson

Bernhard Schmitz

Magical Bookplates Bibliography 2017

Some twenty years later an update of the Alfredson compilation was clearly needed. During the interim period Bernhard Schmitz had entered into correspondence with Jim and they helped one another with additions to their respective bookplate collections. Six years ago they decided that an encyclopaedia of bookplates was desirable as a collaborative venture with Bernhard adding his contribution to Jim’s existing data. Unfortunately Jim’s health was deteriorating and sadly he died on 5th January 2015.

Following Jim’s death the project was placed on hold, but it is gratifying that after several months Bernhard determined to complete the project in remembrance of Jim Alfredson’s manifold contributions to magic collecting of which bookplates is an important component.