Hello dear collectors,

  • We are happy to present our project here and to offer you our book “Magic Bookplates”.

    The book is the reference work on the subject of magic bookplates and is equally interesting for those who want to receive information for their collection or about specific artists, as well as for those who want to find out about the variety of bookplates and the magic world.

    This book is the completely revised and expanded version of the former “Magical Bookplate Bibliography”. The number of entries and bookplate illustrations has almost doubled. This issue is supplemented by a lecture presented at the EMHC in Vienna in August 2019. 

    Also, some additional information has been added to this edition of the Magicians Bookplates. There is a directory of the bookplate owners with the dates of birth and death, if they were known, and is intended to help the reader with the eventual addition to his own bookplate collection.